Meet the artists behind “Bend Don’t Break”

The new Groove Park single “Bend Don’t Break” is the result of a collaboration with some very talented artists from St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

Khadijo Kwabena (percussion, arrangement, production) is a native born Virgin Islander from St. Croix US Virgin Islands, a multi instrumentalist musician, music educator on the high school level and an ethno-musicologist of Reggae music. He completed professional music studies in the United States, obtaining degrees in Music Education and Ethno-Musicology.

Francillia Benjamin (vocals) is a singer & songwriter from St. Croix, a popular performer on the St. Croix music scene.

Alric Francis (bass) and Roland Wells (drums) play regularly with the Kwabena Trio and graduated this year from St. Croix Central High School.