Pre-save “Bend Don’t Break” today!

The new Groove Park song “Bend Don’t Break” is on its way to the streaming service of your choice, for release on July 6. You can pre-save the track today on Spotify so you’ll hear it right away on release day.

Here’s a preview of the lyrics video that will go live on July 6:

The song was inspired by the palm trees of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. The recording features talented St. Croix artists interpreting Oren’s original words and music with a unique cross-genre Caribbean rhythmic pulse. 

Musician and educator Khadijo Kwabena, along with drummer Roland Wells and bassist Alric Francis, provide that unique rhythm, blending merengue, soca, and other regional styles. Oren’s piano playing complements the expressive vocal by Francillia Benjamin, singing about learning tolerance and resilience from the palm trees along the Caribbean shore. The track was recorded by Clint Codrington in two sessions on St Croix, with additional keyboard recording by Allyn Johnson at Divine Order Studios. Jake Grotticelli of Vault Studio mixed the track, and the mastering engineer was Sam Rees of Actiondale Studio.