Praise from Brazil

I submitted “Island In The Sea” to Rádio Graviola in Brazil for consideration through the Groover platform. Their director Valéria Becker responded with a promise to play the song on their station, along with the lovely review below. Obrigado Valéria! I hope your listeners enjoy the song as much as you did.

WOW! What a groove this song has! I love it! Soul and R&B in the vein, as we say around here. Really, the song fulfills everything that is described in the short presentation release on the platform: “the song delivers the soul of a 1980s R&B hit while still bringing a contemporary energy, influenced by soul, R&B and jazz classics of the 1970s and 80s”. That’s exactly it.

The arrangements are impeccable in every detail. The double bass providing a firm base throughout the track and venturing into well-placed phrases towards the end of the song; the vocal arrangements outlining and coloring the music. The lead vocal has a great, strong and different timbre. In the modulation the whole ensemble goes together, as if hand in hand.

The keyboards, which may seem subtle, are there, drawing the music together with the instruments. The same for the guitar that, in its time, shines in a perfect solo. The drums, completely aligned with the bass, when soloing, also bring the excitement of watching the performance at a concert. The music goes in a crescendo ending upwards, in very high spirits.

As for the technical part, perfect timbre, mix and finish! Love it!