What is Groove Park?

Groove Park is a place for new songs

Groove Park is Oren Levine‘s musical “home” for new songs that combine his jazz roots with other styles and vibes from the rich traditions of Black American Music. 

Stay tuned for several releases under the Groove Park name this year, starting with “Island In The Sea” on March 18, 2022. Aaron and bassist Percy White helped write and produce this soulful song about escaping the city for a tropical paradise.  

Several other Groove Park releases are in the works, featuring musicians from the Washington, DC area and the US Virgin Islands.

Groove Park is a place for collaboration

Each Groove Park release starts with an original song and one or more collaborators, leading to a unique recording that reflects the varying experiences and styles of the participants.

Oren plans to share the revenue from each Groove Park release with the writers, performers, and producers involved in each project.

You’re welcome in Groove Park!

Follow the development of the music on Instagram (@grooveparkmusic) or here at grooveparkmusic.com.